Better, stronger, faster than incubators before

Post-PC Labs leverages cloud technologies, the latest development frameworks, and the human cloud to bring new projects to life in a post-pc world.


Have at least one customer

We have one customer we know will use our project before we fund it; even if it is ourselves.

Build strong teams

We use freelancers globally to build our projects. We succeed because we build strong teams who build amazing products.

Market and product fit

We invest in go-to-market strategy as much as we invest in product. How people find out about the product is as important as the MVP.



Never miss any news about Post-PC Labs. Han Yuan is the author of "The Art of Modern Software Leadership" where he discusses leadership concerns for the modern engineering leader and the Post-PC Labs journey.


Post-PC Labs is a privately funded incubator owned wholly by Han Yuan. Prior to Post-PC Labs, Han was the head of engineering at Upwork from 2015 through to the company's eventual IPO. During the early mobile years, Han built and led engineering teams from eBay and Netflix and helped build the foundation for those programs that consumers see today. Han started his career in enterprise software followed by a brief stint starting